Nature protection in the Feldberg area has a long tradition. The Feldberg is the oldest and largest protected area in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Home
On various moving ways you can open the protected area directly from field mountain place. Move to Hinterzarten, Menzenschwand, Todtnau and approximately around the Feldberg with the whole family and enjoy the impressions of a for a long time unaffected central mountain landscape!
If you are interested more comprehensively in nature protection, Fauna and Flora of the low mountain ranges, participate nevertheless in one various programs the nature protection information Feldberg or the "Schwarzwaldverein". All meetings are attainable usually also with bus and course.
In the hotel "you find Feldberg he yard" div at the nature protection info. station of regulation books, CDs. Moving article, as well as plant seed for the own garden. Or you visit the Feldberg-Ranger nevertheless : Particularly for our small ones "training" are offered for the junior Ranger; in this interesting program they learn the meaning of the nature protection for the domestic mountain world and a great deal practical...
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Nature protection information Feldberg

Feldberg-Ranger Achim Laber Dr. Pilet Spur 4 - 79868 Feldberg Tel.07676/933637
Fax: 07676/933633